تأجير السيارة في الإسلام

What are the Rules for Leasing a Car in Islam?

02/06/2022 | Halal Trading Brokers

A man asked his friend to buy a car for cash and then sell it to him on deferred payment with extra profit. Is this considered a benefit? When a man (A) asks another man (B) to buy him a […]

الحقوق المالية للزوجة

The Financial Rights of the Wife in Islam

31/05/2022 | Halal Trading Brokers

In Islam, women are guaranteed greater financial security than men. They have the right to receive marital gifts and to keep property and income, present and future, for their security. No married woman is required to spend even a penny […]

الاستثمار الحلال في الذهب

Halal Gold Investment: How to Profit From the Precious Metal

29/05/2022 | Halal Trading Brokers

Halal gold investment has become a fast-growing market due to restrictions on other financial assets and derivatives and clear guidelines regarding what Muslims are allowed to invest in following the teachings of Islamic law. In principle, Islam forbids gambling, which […]

التمويل الإسلامي للسيارات

Islamic Car Finance: What it is and How to Get it

26/05/2022 | Halal Trading Brokers

The term “Islamic Car Finance” appears at first as if it were a model aimed exclusively at Muslims. But this is not true: the Islamic concept of finance is also interesting to non-Muslims. Because Islamic car finance is not about […]

NFT الحلال

How to buy Halal NFT: How to invest in non-fungible tokens

25/05/2022 | Halal Trading Brokers

2021 brought a real boom in NFT trading. As artists found new ways to sell their work, listed companies such as Adidas and Nike began to take an interest in the metaphysics world. Halal NFT trading has become an exciting […]


Learn about Islamic investment funds

10/05/2022 | Halal Trading Brokers

Investment funds have become one of the most important investment tools known in the financial markets due to their great impact in attracting large investors to them, and encouraging novice investors to enter them to take advantage of their various […]

Islamic Mortgage

What is the Islamic mortgage and its terms

03/05/2022 | Halal Trading Brokers

Many of us must have heard of the term mortgage or even been a party to this transaction especially if he has purchased a house or property and does not have enough to pay for the property in full. For […]


Famous Quotes From The Holy Quran On Money And Wealth

06/05/2020 | Halal Trading Brokers

  Quotes From The Holly Quran On Money And Wealth Quran is a complete code of life for all Muslims and Allah has instructed us to live our lives in a pious way by following its principles. In Islam, the […]


Is CFD Trading Halal for Muslims?

27/03/2020 | Halal Trading Brokers

Contracts for Difference, or CFD: “an agreement between two parties, namely the “buyer” and the “seller”, and the value of this agreement or contract is based on the underlying asset. At the end of the contract, or when the contracting […]


Islamic Swap Account

25/03/2020 | Halal Trading Brokers

What is the concept swap in forex? When trading forex, you buy or sell a foreign currency pair and get a profit or a loss. In trading in general there are two types of traders, the intraday traders who trade […]