How to buy Halal NFT: How to invest in non-fungible tokens

NFT الحلال

NFT Islamic

2021 brought a real boom in NFT trading. As artists found new ways to sell their work, listed companies such as Adidas and Nike began to take an interest in the metaphysics world. Halal NFT trading has become an exciting area for interested Muslim investors.

What is NFT Halal?

They are purely digital collectibles, like crypto art, that you can buy with cryptocurrency. However, you cannot physically touch any of these icons. You can buy, collect and resell NFT.

The first tokens were already presented online in 2017. In 2021, auction house Christie’s sold purely digital images for the first time. Artist Beeple received €69 million for his work “Every Day: The First 5,000 Days”.

CryptoPunks are among the first NFTs and were created in 2017. There are only 10,000 CryptoPunks in the NFT market.

There are also NFTs for virtual worlds, such as Earth or Houses. The best-known NFTs include artwork and animation as well as graphics, videos, and tweets.

Do you want to buy NFT Halal way yourself and make use of it?

We have summarized the most important things you need to know about buying NFT Halal along with the best tips and recommendations for you!

Buy NFT Halal – Recommendations & Tips

If you want to buy NFT halal, you should do so through well-known Islamic suppliers.

Recommendation: NFTs can only be purchased with the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Our recommendation: investing in a financial product like NFT ETFs is less complicated. You can also indirectly participate in token development by purchasing various shares.

NFT basics

NFTs are an acronym for “Non-replaceable Token”. In the crypto world, these are digital holdings that are not interchangeable like artwork or digital cats.

NFTs are based on digital contracts or so-called smart contracts. Learn more about how NFT works and what the reaction to the crypto hype has caused in the (stock market) world.

NFT Halal

How does NFT work the halal way?

As part of the Ethereum blockchain, non-fungible tokens are part of the second most valuable cryptocurrency on the Internet. However, tokens are not exclusively available on Ethereum, as they are also offered by the blockchain. Each NFT has a unique identifier, which can be compared to a human fingerprint. This identifier consists of blocks of information, which in turn make up a blockchain and uses its data to represent the object’s total value.

However, every investor should be aware that each token is a digital product and the associated Halal NFT trading is a speculative investment. This way, your intellectual property stays the same when you sell your artwork or tweet.

What is the value of NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. Tokens play an important role in the world of cryptography and on blockchains. They are used to numerically represent different assets and values.

How to buy NFT Halal?

Most of the NFTs are based on the Ethereum token standard ERC-721. In short: in the Ethereum blockchain. At the same time, this also means that you need the cryptocurrency Ethereum, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, to be able to buy NFT. Ether can be purchased from various cryptocurrency exchange platforms or online brokers.

You can buy NFT on these platforms

You can buy NFT from online marketplaces. The most popular platforms are Binance, FTX, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, or Rarible.

The largest market for digital items such as art or other assets is OpenSea. NFT trading is performed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Additionally, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced its NFT marketplace. This will initially be launched in the United States. However, there is also a waiting list for interested users from other countries such as Germany.

Can You Get Rich From NFT?

The purpose of NFTs is to be bought, collected, and sold. Investors can get some non-fungible tokens for just a few dollars, while other NFTs cost several thousand dollars.

If the investors feel like it, they can make money with these tokens. However, a study by industry service Chain analysis showed that only a small number of investors succeed in trading NFT. For example, CryptoPunks were initially traded for free.

The first decentralized open-source blockchain platform based on NFT

ReserveBlock is the first open-source platform that enables the creation of a centralized, decentralized NFT blockchain. This is managed independently and aims to democratize NFTs for everyone.

Once launched, the network is expected to enable a scalable, utility-based protocol with on-chain capabilities for decentralized storage, programmable smart contracts, on-chain property rights enforcement, and advanced NFT capabilities. This, in turn, should allow anyone to use the open market without the need for central authorities or markets with transaction fees close to zero. The network is managed by a master infrastructure, which enables complete carbon neutrality. However, this does not affect the functionality and utility.


Nike buys NFT manufacturing company

Sporting goods manufacturer Nike has brought reinforcements aboard with an acquisition. With creative studio RTFKT, the American company secures access to the Metaverse. In addition to athletic shoes, sportswear, and sports equipment, virtual sports shoes will also complement Nike’s product range in the future.

It is unknown how much money Nike spent on the acquisition. Companies are also silent about what future collaborations will look like. However, just take a closer look at the RTFKT business model: the company designs and presents products as non-fungible tokens. In the future, avatars in video games can be equipped with virtual Nike sneakers.

Conclusion: The role of NFTs in the future

A closer look at non-fungible tokens reveals a wealth of possibilities for their future role: NFTs could, for example, act as real-time certificates of digital files like music or real objects like paintings.

Tokens can also take on a practical function in the entertainment sector – especially in the entertainment industry. Whether in the cinema or at a concert: they can be used in many ways as entry tickets because they cannot be counterfeited.

Computer players can use NFTs to purchase in-game items. For example, they will have the opportunity to exchange or sell equipment.

No matter how many upsides a non-fungible token has, most NFTs are likely to make any money – not least because of their sometimes inflationary nature. Although there are about 10,000 new items for sale every day, there are not enough buyers.

Under these conditions, it will not be possible to avoid a strong market adjustment in the long run. But what such a correction could look like in completely open NFTs.