Is Forex Trading Halal in Islam?

Is forex trading allowed in Islam? Are there Islamic Forex brokers? This is a confusing and difficult question that makes many people think about it. But do not worry, we will talk about this topic in detail. If you are wondering where I can get an answer is “is Forex halal in Islam?”, read on to find out the answer.

We are a group of Muslim traders interested in trading and investing online. As Muslim traders who adhere to the teachings of Islamic law in everything related to online trading, we wanted to make sure that other Muslim traders get accurate information regarding the Islamic rules. We have done in-depth research on Islamic Sharia laws to make sure that we are taking the right approach in our online transactions, which has become one of the most popular investments in recent years.

Why is forex trading considered a Halal in Islam?

Any type of contract, transaction, or money-making activity that involves Riba (interest) is strictly prohibited and Haram in Islamic law. Thus, the brokers used to provide forex services by adding interest on traders of any type of currency or asset that is kept open overnight.

Thereafter, many forex brokers took action to limit these transactions and responded to the market system by opening Islamic accounts, thus becoming pure Islamic forex brokers (halal forex brokers).

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But the prohibition in forex trading appears in the following elements:

1- If the transaction includes outright Riba, which is the increase in the amount of the purpose (the rollover fee).

2- The combination of the loan and the interest, as the broker, does not lend to you for free, but to buy and sell through it.

3- The lack of acquisition (profit collection), as the scholars say, “the buying and selling of currencies often take place without a legitimate receipt.”

4- Damage to the economy due to the economic damage that this commercial transaction involves to the transacting parties.

When you trade forex you have to be very wary of the rollover charges as they are based on interest (Riba).

Other than that, forex trading is considered Halal in Islam if it is done without paying interest or additional fees, especially if the trader closes his deal on the next day or days.

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