Halal Trading Broker is an Islamic holy platform created solely to guide Muslims and Sharia followers on the right path in online trading. People were doing online trading without knowing the involvement of Riba in general trading practices. 

To guide every Muslim how to do riba-free trading and stay away from breaking pious Islamic rules, Halal Trading Brokers bring the right trading information and guidance for all Muslims and Muhammad Prophet followers. 

The primary motivation of this platform is to guide all fellows on how they can make a fortune without failing in obeying divine laws. Finding a real and professional Halal broker is difficult. Halal Trading Brokers reviews online trading platforms so that you don’t need to do research again. This platform is committed to providing right and precise information you will need to start online trading. With Allah’s blessings, we have enough ways to earn good money and lead a happy life abiding by the Islamic and Sharia laws. 

About Me

As-Salam-Alaikum, dear reader, and Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuh. I am Mohammed Ismael Rushdi, and I am happy you have come to read and gain knowledge on my site in the effort to find a Halal financial broker. I help you avoid unlawful brokers and market trading Haram financial transactions (which are mostly scam). 

I live in London and pursuing riba-free halal trading as a full-time career from the past seven years. You might probably find me next to you if you attend the Fazl or at Baitul Futuh salat Al-Jumu’ah.

I belong to a family of lawyers and was working as a lawyer in London following our family tradition. While exploring multiple online earning opportunities, I always felt a gap in the right information regarding online trading for all Muslims. Most of the people were trading without knowing anything about Riba, and this motivated me to create this platform to share my knowledge of what I have learned in the past seven years. 

Earning a fortune through online trading is possible, but I felt about sharing the right way of doing it. I have understood that if one can wisely invest in the market and buy stocks, futures, commodities, and other securities – one can make great fortune.

As a religious man and coming from a Muslim family like you, I started drafting my learnings so that I can have the opportunity to serve more people by the grace of Allah. In seven years and counting, whatever I have learned about Halal trading, it’s available on this platform. I find myself very fortunate that Allah has given me this responsibility to guide more people in the right and holy way of making a good living.

I am a full time online daytrader and have opened this website-like blog to give the information about Halal and Haram financial trading. I am here to help all family members to practice Islamic principles in online trading and create a fortune to give a good life to our family and children. I will be pleased if you want to ask me anything about Halal Trading. 

For any question, please contact me at: mismaelrushdi <at> gmail.com