Is Q8 trade broker halal for Islamic traders?

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Q8 is a popular forex trading online platform that lets you trade in Forex, CFD, cryptos, and other various listed entities. This single platform offers diversified trading options at the same place. Concerning its growing popularity, it becomes prominent to check whether this platform is Halal or Haram. But, you don’t need to worry about it, we have done complete research on this platform.

We are a group of religious people who review online trading platforms for you so that you won’t fail to follow pious Islamic and Sharia rules while trading. Coming back to Q8 — it’s a diversified trading platform that offers you numerous accounts to get started with Forex, CFD and other online investments.

Clearing the clouds of confusion, Q8 Broker also offers an Islamic account facility that is specially made of Muslims who want to trade online but are concerned about Islamic and Sharia laws. 

Q8 broker is a Halal platform for Islamic traders that offers you a special swap-free account for performing traders. In brief, by leveraging a swap-free account, you don’t need to pay any kind of roll-over charges or broker commission for holding a stock’s position overnight. This platform lets you trade in a riba-free way. Riba is any kind of profit or commission that is unjustified made during borrowing or lending money. It might be a situation imposed by the trading broker or done by the trader itself. This is considered as a Haram in Islam and strictly prohibited by the pious principles of Muhammad Prophet. If you are new to this platform, fill the contact form and we will help you open an Islamic account on Q8.

Is Q8 trade Halal Or Haram Forex Broker; Read Here

Is Q8 Halal or Haram completely dependent on how you are operating on this account? As this platform offers multiple options for opening an account, you need to select a swap-free Islamic account.

Only the swap-free accounts follow all principles of Islam and are considered as Halal. As the Forex market is a decentralized platform, you can trade for 24 hours for 5 days a week till the KSA midnight or 5 pm EST. In this situation, you need to pay a fee for your stock’s open positions and these are known as SWAPS or the rollover interest. And dealing with these swaps or roll-over charges are strictly an infringement of Sharia laws and Islamic beliefs.

If you are leveraging a full-fledged swap-free account, the Q8 trade broker is completely halal and it’s permitted in Islam. And when you trade using a swap-free account, you are just trading on the day-value of the stock as you are not holding any overnight stock’s price.

You will often find numerous discounts or welcome bonus offers for joining any online trading platforms, but you should avoid them at any cost. As these bonuses are considered under Riba and are strictly prohibited, you should not avail those perks without knowing the complete information about the platform. If you are not sure where to start in Q8, fill the contact form and we will help you in getting started with this platform. We will connect with a professional Halal broker who will get you going with online trading.

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Forex trading is among the best online investment options available in the market. As the world is moving fast towards digitalization, the investment options are changing. Millions of people are diversifying their portfolio using these trading options. 

Many people confuse Forex or CFD trading with gambling but it’s not. In gambling, you put your money irresponsibly and wish to win that action. But in Forex and CFD trading, you are investing your capital into real company’s stock and earn money based on its position for that day. And, when the trading is performed using a swap-free account, you are not involving any swaps or roll-over charges, it’s completely under the pious Sharia and Islamic rules. 

Forex is the safest and fastest way of growing your portfolio online. Thousands of Muslims are already involved in forex and making money following the right path of Muhammad Prophet and Sharia laws. 

Open your Q8 Trade Islamic Forex account now to leverage these smart investment platforms. Even if you are a beginner, we will help you in doing the complete setup of your account through a professional Halal broker. Q8 is a Halal platform but you need to take care of the fact that you are not operating through an unverified third-party broker. People get overwhelmed by online offers from unverified and end up opening a normal trading account that is not permitted under Islamic rules. 

And while investing money into stocks, keep one fact in mind that you are not associating with some stocks that are directly or indirectly linked with products or services that are banned under Islam. It includes alcohol, gambling, pornography, and other related products or services.

Get Started With Q8 Trade Islamic Halal Account Now

Q8 is a genuine platform that follows all Sharia and Islamic laws to bring you the best trading facility. It offers you different trading facilities including Forex, CFD, commodities, stocks, indices, etc. Start growing your capital by leveraging these online options and trade care-free using an Islamic Halal account. 

While opening an account, do make sure that you are opening an Islamic swap-free account only. Any other account will not let you trade following the Islamic principles. You will find many companies and stocks that operate following the Sharia and Islamic principles. We recommend you to put more focus on those companies as well. 

If you have not started with Forex or CFD, it’s the right time to get started. Get in touch with us and we are here to get you covered. We make sure that no Muslim trader fails to follow Islamic principles and that’s the reason, we audit every online trading broker inside out so you can sign up and trade in peace. 

Open A Swap-Free Account In Q8 trade To Get Started

All you need to do is open your special Islamic swap-free account on Q8 to get started with Forex trading. There are many benefits to opening a swap-free account. As you won’t need to pay any kind of roll-over charges or commission to your broker, you eliminate any kind of Riba from your trades.

Your trades will be settled based on the day price of the stock and your broker will not deduct any roll-over fees from your account. A swap-free account prevents you from losing money in your long-term investment stocks. As the market changes dynamically, a swap-free account protects you from giving extra money to the broker for holding the positions overnight. 

Thousands of Muslims happily use these special swap-free accounts to leverage the best trading options available in the market. You also should not miss these opportunities to grow your money in the right allowed way. 

Start growing your capital with Forex and CFD. If you have any questions or queries regarding this Q8 platform or trading practices, fill the contact form and our professional team will get every query answered.  

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