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What is Swap Free Halal Forex account?

A Swap-free trading account is used in Forex, does not allow the account holder to receive or pay any kind of interest. By doing so, the positions that are held overnight are not associated with overnight taxes or interest. If you are new to Forex and swap-free accounts, we are here to help. Read on, we have got you all covered so that you will not fail to act in any un-holly Islamic manner in your day trading activities.

The swap term is used for the adjustment for the interest that occurred while holding CFD (Contract for difference) or Forex (FX) overnight.  Let’s try to understand this with an example — If you held a stock position overnight or bought a currency exchange deal, you will need to pay a holding charge. It’s based on the complete month overnight rate issued. 

In a swap-free account, a broker doesn’t deduct any money from your islamic brokers account for holding an overnight position on any stock or currency. Because of this, your trading results will only depend on the exchange rates for a specific time frame. The adjustments in cash or interest rates are made in the country where the product is trading.

Many brokers also add their own administration fees with the interest charges. This thing comes under the Riba (Riba is an unjustified profit or interest in borrowing or lending money as a condition imposed by the lender or voluntarily by the borrower. Riba is considered as a Haram and strictly prohibited in Islam), and trading in this method is strictly not allowed in Islam.

We are committed to providing you with the best trading conditions that won’t let you fail in following pious Islamic beliefs. We are a group of religious people like you and we connect you with the best Muslim Halal brokers all around the world.

If you are thinking of a swap-free account Halal or Haram, we are here to clear the confusion. We have done extensive research on Islamic rules to help you with trading.

Is Swap-Free Account Halal or Haram? Here’s your answer

In a swap-free account, the traders don’t need to pay a commission for using these trading accounts. In this condition, the broker will not levy charges and debit money from your Islamic account for an overnight position holding on currency pair. And, according to pious laws, this thing called Swap-Free Account  is permitted in Islam.

The Forex swap-free trading accounts are specially created for religious Muslims who are not allowed to do trading by paying commissions to the brokers. As it commonly known, collecting payments for interest is a prohibited act by the Sharia laws. The swap-free accounts are used for trades that operated without the adjustment of swaps.

With swap-free trading, you are free to trade from a range of weekly contracts that will expire on every Friday. A Swap-free account is Halal according to the Islamic laws because you are not trading on a commission-basis or paying any roll-over charges. 

When you are trading with a swap-free account, you are free from any kind of roll-over charges or interests. You are just trading an asset at a fixed price. We connect you with the best Halal brokers in the world that will help you in opening an Islamic account so you can trade swap-free.

Forex is among the fastest-growing investment options that are creating a huge impact in the trading world. Even if you are new to this platform, we are here to help you by connecting you with the best Halal broker. We keep reviewing the most reliable Forex brokers across the world so you can trade worry-free with them.

Islamic Swap Forex Account

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We are a group of traders for whom religious beliefs are very important. We have done deep research on numerous Halal brokers all around the world to serve you better. You can contact us anytime using the contact form and we will find you the best Halal brokers.

Forex trading is the best investment platform of 2020 and we want you to get into this for earning profits in the right way. We have done the research and studied the Islamic rules to serve you with the best trading services at your fingerprints.  

Many people claim to be a Halal broker but they may not follow all the pious rules that should be maintained. We want you not to fail in any Muslim rule that is the reason we only connect you with professional Halal brokers all around the world. 

As the investment patterns are changing drastically and we want to help Muslims to pursue these options without making any mistake. You don’t have to search for the best Halal brokers on your own. We strictly follow all pious Islamic rules while reviewing Halal brokers online for you.

We are on a constant search for world-class Halal Brokers for you. Don’t worry if you are just starting out, we have got you covered. We will search for a professional Halal broker so you can get started with Forex easily. We want you to leverage the greatest profit from this dynamic platform. Forex trading is not gambling and many people get confused due to lack of firm knowledge about it. Halal Trading Brokers assures you quality trading services by connecting you with professional Halal brokers. 

Don’t miss the opportunities of diversifying your portfolio with Forex trading. We help you get started with Riba-free Forex trading at your fingertips. Trade with professional Halal brokers and keep yourself covered from breaking any Islamic rule while trading. 

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Get started with Forex trading with professional Halal brokers across the world. If you are not sure whether an online Broker is a strict follower of Islamic rules, let us review the best one and recommend you. 

As the world is moving towards digitalization, we also need to improvise our investment strategies to have more value for our money. And, Forex is the best way to keep yourself ahead in investment. We keep searching for best Islamic Halal brokers across the world to serve our community.

Forex trading is not gambling as most people think. A trade did intelligently taking calculated decisions is not a gamble and it’s allowed by the Islamic laws. When you trade with Forex, you actually become a member of the organization and you are just doing your job. 

In order to make the correct choice and make more of your money, we search for the best Halal brokers. Swap-free trading accounts are No-Riba accounts that are not considered as a sin. You are not taking or giving any commission for holding a stock’s position overnight. You are not charged any kind of roll-over fees while trading in Forex and it’s allowed under pious Islamic rules.

Having any query related to Forex trading? Just fill out the contact form and we will help you out. Even if you are new to this forex trading, we make sure you get the prior needful help for opening your swap-free account. Get started with Forex trading by opening a swap-free account through a professional Halal broker wherever you want. Most of the Muslim traders have already shifted to swap-free accounts to grow their portfolio. This is the right time to get started, contact us now and know more.

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