How to open an Islamic Halal Forex Account with Admiral Markets

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If you do not follow this guide step by step, you eventually might get a trading account which is not halal, a Haram account which collects interest (Riba) from your trade. If you will not follow this guide you might get a Haram account, and due to the high security and broker regulations THERE IS NO OPTION TO REVERSE the account from Haram to Halal.

You might end up with a trading account you cannot use, and with no Halal option to invest your money and profit from online Halal trading.

** Admiral Markets allows traders from almost any country in the world – Including India and Indonesia ! (except USA which is not allowed).

How to open an Islamic Halal Forex Account with Admiral Markets?

This guide will take you step by step in opening an Islamic Halal account for trading Forex, Stocks, CFD’s, Cryptocurrencies, commodities and ETF’s.

If you follow this guide you are sure to have an Islamic Trading Account (Swap-Free halal account with an investment brokerage) to profit under the Islamic Shariah Compliance structure.

1. Step 1 – 

Click this link and open Admiral Markets Halal Swap-Free account registration page

2. Step 2 –

Scroll down the page and insert your details in the main form “Sign Up with Admiral Markets”

Check the image below – you will need to type your REAL NAME, Last Name, and Email for the first step:

3. Step 3 –

The next step will be to choose your account password and your REAL phone which you will be receiving SMS with authentication for every account log in.

4. Step 4 –

In this step you need to complete your registration and upload your identity documents – parallels to this you will be receiving a phone call from Admiral Markets account representatives that will assure you that you have an Islamic Halal Swap-Free trading account – and you are good to go!

Deposit your funds (minimum $500 initial starting deposit) – and start opening trades !

Good luck!

Most Important – Always Trade Halal !

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