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Day trading is among the most popular options for investing and growing money online. The world is moving towards digitization, people are diversifying their portfolio leveraging CFDs, stock trading and crypto trading. As it’s popularity is concerned, it becomes important for Muslims to know how to trade in a Halal way by following the pious Islamic and Sharia laws.

You don’t have to worry about it, we have done the complete research for you and we connect our visitors only to Halal brokers, of which we have personally opened an account there, and traded daily to verify that no Riba (interest) was added over night.. We are a team of Islamic traders that want you to perform trading abiding the pious rules given by Muhammad Prophet. Coming back to Forex Trading — Performing any kind of online trading is allowed in Islam as long as you are not dealing with Riba (interest). 

Riba is an unjustified profit made by borrowing or lending money from the broker or done voluntarily by the trader. It is considered a sin in Islam and strictly prohibited according to Sharia laws. While you trade in any online commodity, you own a portion of that organization and become a part of it. This makes trading sharia-compliant. 

If you are new to online investment platforms, it becomes overwhelming to check which broker offers halal trading services. But you don’t have to do the research, we have done it for you. At Halal Trading Brokers, we will connect you with professional Islamic Halal Day Trading Forex Brokers all around the world.  

What Are Islamic Halal Forex Brokers; Read To Know More

Forex and other online trading are completely halal if performed in a specific way. It is similar to doing any business for earning money by working as a job.

A Halal broker lets you trade in a riba-free way. They offer a special Islamic trading account by which you can perform trading by leveraging a swap-free account. Your broker won’t deduct any kind of money from your account for holding a stock’s position overnight. All the trades are settled on the current day price of the stock. By following this approach, you save your portfolio from any kind of interest.

At Halal Trading Brokers, we review popular brokers all around the world to bring you only Halal Trading services. We are a group of religious people just like you and abiding by Islamic laws is of high importance to us. If you are new to trading and search for Halal Forex traders, you’ll get overwhelmed by the available options.

As the world’s one-fourth of the population is Muslim, many online brokers trick novice by offering commissions to join a platform through them. But you should avoid them at all costs as they are unverified third-party brokers. We are a team of autonomous professional traders that review and filter out only Halal brokers for you. If you are just starting, we recommend you not to sign up using any third party website for availing additional discounts of joining bonus. Fill the contact form and we would be very happy to connect you with a professional Islamic Halal Trading Broker.

Islamic Forex Brokers for Halal Forex, CFD, Stocks and Cryptocurrency Trading

Many people confuse Forex, CFD, and other trading options with gambling but its not. When you perform trading in stocks or cryptocurrency, you own a share of that company and it’s completely Halal. At Halal Trading Brokers, we connect you with the best Forex, CFD, Stocks and cryptocurrency brokers all around the world. If you are wondering what are these platforms and which one is best for you, we have simplified it for you, check out:

Forex is a rapidly growing and reliable way of investing your money in the right place. Forex lets you trade on international currency. The Forex (foreign exchange market) is a global decentralized market for performing trading of currencies. The market defines foreign exchange rates for every currency. It covers all aspects of buying, selling and trading currencies at current or determined prices. Comparing Forex results with other traditional investment options, it brings you more advantages.

CFD (Contract for the difference) is a widely used form of financial trading. In CFD, you have to predict the rise or fall of the global financial market prices. CFD covers all the commodities, international currencies, indices and more. With CFD trading, you don’t have to directly deal with the asset including physical shares, currency notes but you trade on the listed base price. By trading, you need to predict if the stock’s price will move up or down. While trading in CFD, you have to use a swap-free account to make this process riba-free.

The third category is the most popular trading option of the current time — Trading in cryptocurrency is completely Halal as per the pious Islamic laws. As it’s the digital form of the fiat currency, you can trade in these cryptocurrencies by leveraging an Islamic swap-free account. 

At Halal Trading Brokers, we connect you with professional Halal brokers so that you can get started with any of your preferred trading commodities. 

Open Islamic Brokers Accounts With Us

Leverage the fastest growing online investment platforms using an Islamic broker account or a swap-free account. A Swap-free trading account is used in Forex, CFDs, Stock or cryptocurrency trading. In this account, it does not allow the account holder to receive or pay any kind of interest(riba). By doing so, the stock’s positions that are held overnight are not incorporated with overnight taxes or interest. You will make a profit from the day price of that stock.

If you are new to Forex, CFDs and swap-free accounts, we are here to help. At Halal Trading Brokers, we have got you all covered so that you will not fail to act in any unethical or ‘un-holly’ Sharia way in your day trading activities. The swap term is used for the adjustment made for the interest that occurred while holding CFD (Contract for difference) or Forex (FX) overnight. 

At Halal Trading Brokers, we connect you with the best and professional Halal trading brokers so that you can trade in a halal and sharia-compliant way. Don’t fall in the online trap of joining bonuses and free money. They are all the third-party Haram brokers that will open your normal (Haram) account for trading.

Watch Out From Haram Trading and Haram Brokers

It’s very important to watch out from Haram trading and online Haram brokers. As a novice to these investment platforms, it becomes difficult to identify a genuine Halal broker. Many online brokers trick users by claiming to be a real Halal forex or crypto broker. But, you don’t have to worry about this, we have done the complete research for you. We review the best online Halal brokers for you. 

If a broker is offering you some kind of joining bonus or discount, it comes under riba and you should not practice this. With a Halal broker platform, you use an Islamic swap-free account for performing trading. In this, you won’t have to pay any commission to the broker for holding stock’s position overnight. We recommend you to stay away from third party Haram brokers, contact us and we will connect you with only Halal Trading Brokers all around the world. 


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