The primary motivation of this platform is to guide all fellows on how they can make a fortune without failing in obeying divine laws. Finding a real and professional Halal broker is difficult. Halal Trading Brokers reviews online trading platforms so that you don’t need to do research again. This platform is committed to providing right and precise information you will need to start online trading. With Allah’s blessings, we have enough ways to earn good money and lead a happy life abiding by the Islamic and Sharia laws.

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An Islamic trading account is an account that is free of interest in all its forms, regardless of the term of the contract. Here we mean Riba interests, those interests that the trader pays in exchange for leaving the position open for the next day or a longer period.

The problem with ordinary trading accounts lies in paying a Riba value to the broker in financial transactions. Therefore, the Harab Riba usury in Islam is the basis for trading in these accounts. Riba in online trading mainly arises from rollovers imposed on trades that remain open for the next day.

Here arises the problem of usurious interests in violation of the provisions of Islamic law. If a trader opens a position and more than 24 hours have passed without closing it before 5 PM New York time, that position will be rolled over for the next day. At that point, an extension fee is applied to the transaction, and these fees are considered Riba.

Many may think that the solution to this problem is to close the position before the end of the day so that no interest or swaps are charged. But this method can also cost you a lot due to the shortening of the transaction time and the spread of the spread (price difference).

Therefore, the ideal solution for traders who want to follow the teachings of Islamic law is to open an Islamic account that is free of any usurious interests. In this account, the Halal broker closes the position at 5 PM New York time, so the trader avoids paying any interest and the broker bears the cost of the spread for the new contract as well.

In an Islamic trading account, the broker pays the spread commission (difference) on behalf of the trader for opening new trades, and the trader does not incur any additional fees even if the trade is not renewed for the next day.

Stock trading is completely Halal, and we have done our deep research to give you the best explanation about it. When you trade shares, you become part of the company by buying a certain percentage of that company in the form of shares. It is permissible in Islam to own part of any business.

When you buy shares, you are not gambling but you are buying a portion of that company. But, you must understand the fact that you should only trade with a Halal broker who follows all the Islamic rules to avoid Haram transactions along the way.

You need to pay attention to the fact that you should only trade with an interest-free account. The interest-free account is a special Islamic account that allows you to trade in an interest-free manner. In the interest-free account, you do not have to pay or receive any kind of commission or rollover fee to hold the stock position overnight. In this way, you and the broker follow Islamic law and only trade according to the current share price.

Any type of contract, transaction, or money-making activity that involves Riba (interest) is strictly prohibited and Haram in Islamic law. Thus, brokers that provide forex services by taxing traders are used to the difference between two components of any type of currency or asset whose position remains open overnight.

Thereafter, many forex brokers took action to limit these transactions and responded to the market system by opening Islamic accounts, thus becoming pure Islamic forex brokers (Halal forex broker).

We would like to help all Muslim traders find the best Halal brokers around the world. We are constantly reviewing different brokers around the world to help you find the best Halal broker.

At Halal Trading Brokers, we introduce you to the best Halal brokers around the world. We are in constant search of the best Halal brokers who follow Islamic rules.

If you are new to the world of trading and looking for an Islamic trading account, we have got you covered. At any time, you can use the contact form below, so we can connect you with a professional Halal broker anywhere in the world. We will only find a professional Halal broker for you to start trading your preferred financial assets.

We review different brokers around the world to offer you high-quality trading services. We would like to help Muslim traders trade forex and other financial assets with the best Halal brokers.

Many brokers claim that they are Halal but who knows if they follow Islamic rules or not. We will make choosing a financial broker easy for you. We are a team of professional traders who review online brokers, so we can only offer you real and professional Halal brokers.

We have done in-depth research on forex brokers in compliance with the teachings of Islamic law to make sure that you are protected from any kind of scams. We review each broker according to all Halal trading rules to ensure that they are reliable and offer the correct Islamic trading accounts.

Leave your contact details below and Halal trusted broker will contact you soon.

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We have helped many pious muslims find a halal broker - read about their experience

Aalam Abu Basara

I have registered with 3 different brokers provided by HalalTradingBrokers so I could check their platform and service. Happy to say that all the 3 offered a riba-free account and were familiar with Islamic principles


After reading many misleading articles online I was lucky to find - not only written by pious muslims, but also much information about FX and Cryptocurrency trading. Blessing be upon you بارك الله فيك!


@HalalTradingBrokers Alhamdulillah wa AShokrulillah! Thanks for the trustworthy and reliable information on how to avoid Haram-Riba based trading. I have invested about £6,000 in a Swap-Free account provided by a halal FX broker. and will continue to trade here.

Gamal Antar Abboud

Jazaka Allahu Khairan - جزاك الله خيرا! Great support - shoutout to Majid :) I only trade EUR/USD as it regularly gives the highest risk exposure (about 2.5k). Swap-Free accountsare not the first option the broker will offer you therefore you need to ask it yourself. Withdrawals have had no issue for me at all. It was a painful process to set up (e-wallet, sending bank card details, passport details, drivers' licence...), but once done, everything is pretty smooth. Ideal case is to deposit from a card, withdraw to a card, withdraw to the e-wallet and then withdraw from the e-wallet back to the card (especially if you're in a country that's not 'supported' by the e-wallet).

Louai N. AlAdham

I Love the fact that I can trade any stock I want - no riba charged !#HalalTradingBrokers

Ahmad ibn Sa’id al-Bahili

@HalalTradingBrokers So you're giving all scamming brokers an elbow. Great job !

Ahmed Al Hamli

Best for beginners... really great I recommend it to anyone. Best working with Bollinger bands and RSI indicators combined. جزاك الله خيرا!

Hadia Abd Mohsen

@HalalTradingBrokers I am sorry to know that I was trading in an unholy way - اَعُوْذُ بِاللّٰہِ مِنَ الشَّیْطٰنِ الرَّجِیْمِ! I am fortunate to find information and understand how to trade Halal only Wa alaikum a' salaam !